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Brödinger's Hat

Apr 29 '13

Gentlemanly Pursuits: Chapter Fourteen

Shit happens.

Explicit shit.

33 notes Tags: gentlemanly pursuits DadDave homestuck fanfiction Wow this is a long chapter

  1. indieminnie said: Pssst what if you wrote Gentlemanly Pursuits from Dave’s POV after this?
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  3. princelingmeow said: godfuckingdamn.
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    I literally cannot even deal with this chapter. So fucking good. Just. WOW I was not expecting that to happen so fast...
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    I can’t handle how many lady boners I have for this.
  6. kittiblue said: I’m reading this to my friend and both of us can’t even handle these lady boners. Like wow, thanks Hale.
  7. cozynoon said: and there go my planned seven hours of sleep, welp
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