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Brödinger's Hat

Mar 29 '13

Anonymous asked:

Why did you and your ex break up? If you're not comfortable answering this then i'm sorry! just curious!

We just weren’t compatible as life partners. We’re still great friends, but the fact of the matter is that we have different goals and priorities and we’d make each other miserable and resentful in the long run. 

You can love someone to the ends of the Earth, but love alone is simply not enough. There’s more to spending your life with someone than just loving them. Loving someone won’t stop them from making you miserable, nor the other way around.

And love alone does not cure discontentment. There’s more to happiness than love.

If you really love someone, you let them go and hope they’ll find someone who can give them what you can’t. There’s no such thing as a relationship in which one person is perfect for the other, but not vice-versa.

If it’s wrong for one person, it’s wrong for both. Somebody’s just in denial.

You both deserve to be happy, and recognizing that you can’t be happy together does not mean there is something wrong with one or both of you.

A puzzle piece that doesn’t fit where you’re trying to put it isn’t broken.

It just doesn’t fucking go there.

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  1. otakupus said: this actually made me feel a lot better about my last break up, thank you.
  2. godtiercatbug said: Your posts like this are great :)
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