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Brödinger's Hat

Apr 20 '14


I got a message from someone the other day about starting up a new tag for eren/levi stuff because of the shitty spam. I think it’s a good idea overall, and something we could genuinely benefit from, but we’d need to come to a consensus as a fandom on what tag to use without necessarily spreading the word to the spammers as well.

The tag suggested by the person who sent me the message only has a couple of things in it, and the first is levi/mikasa because the tag could pertain to them too. And there are similar issues with other potential tags

So we need something readily identifiable as eren/levi without it being something that could be used as another ship’s tag, or something that would just be tagged as a regular thing on completely unrelated text posts.

Here are a few things I’ve seen other people tag them as before

  • Humanity’s OTP
  • Humanity’s strongest OTP
  • Short Temper

Anything that’s an amalgamation of their two names can be found easily by spammers, and anything that’s not an isolated term that refers to just them isn’t going to be 100% eren/levi (I’m avoiding the e r e r i word in case spammers search thee term as well)

So maybe something like “#short temper otp” or something along those lines, where it’s obviously them but not something people will tag by accident for other things. Even #shortemper or #otpereri or I don’t know

I’m going to use an example here from another fandom of sorts, but the #Derren Brown tag was spammed and kind of destroyed a while back and a few people banded together to create the #dvbrown tag which as far as I’m aware is still kept successfully spam-free.

Anyway, any suggestions are welcome and I think once there’s some kind of general consensus, then people with a lot of followers who support the ship (fanfic writers, artists, translators, whatever) should post or reblog something about the new tag without mentioning any of the current most popular tags, since those are monitored by spammers

Basically we need a whole new tag, one that’s completely clean where we can start afresh and not worry about shitty spam. So if you’re going to make a suggestion, try looking at the tag first to make sure there’s nothing already there.

Sound good?

This doesn’t sound like a bad idea- anybody want to chime in on this?

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Apr 19 '14

Anonymous asked:

Is your AO3 username AlmostApples in French or am I mistaken...?

Ahaha, it absolutely is. (I enjoy it because it’s alliterative in both languages.)

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Apr 17 '14



(Source: wowza-wowzers)

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Apr 17 '14

tawnyport replied to your post: Michiko & Hatchin is the cutest, f…

Oh no, I got this for a gift and I’ve been meaning to watch but I’m still hurting my way through samflam so idk now!

It’s so good. 

It’s so incredibly good.

It’s just also exactly as morally ambiguous as the setting and premise demands and filled with sympathetic characters whose survival you can’t feel absolutely certain of.

Everything hurts.

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Apr 17 '14

Michiko & Hatchin is the cutest, funniest, most badass and most decisively heartbreaking show I have ever seen.


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Apr 17 '14




Alright, babies. I’ve never heard of this anime before today, and judging by the trailer’s views, neither have a lot of anime lovers. Reasons why everyone should watch it right now:

  • The main protagonists are a fine as hell lady of color and her mixed daughter
  • The main antagonist is a super fabulous woman of color, in an actual position of power, who rocks natural hair like a boss
  •  Michiko, the main character, is canonically bi and not a single fuck is given
  • The art is fucking perfect
  • There is an actual coherent and complex plot
  • All the main characters have a billion different costumes and they are all super cosplay worthy
  • There are two full seasons, both of which are already out~


The show is called Michiko & Hatchin and the first episode of the English Dub can be found in full right HERE.

The second is HERE. The third episode is right HERE.
And the whole seasons are available on Funimation and Amazon.




I’ve watched almost all of season one already, it is literally so god damn deep and there are so many layers to the story. It’s great. 

This has crossed my dash countless times and every single time I’m like,

"Oh shit, yeah, I still have to watch that, that sounds great."

It is great.

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Apr 17 '14



things get heated between the canadians and the americans


We clean those bags out and put sandwiches in them.

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Apr 17 '14



i’m gonna ban this goober





i’m gonna ban this goober

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Apr 16 '14
My hair is now exactly the same shade as the top and arms of my glasses.

My hair is now exactly the same shade as the top and arms of my glasses.

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Apr 16 '14

Some of you may be interested to know that I also purchased some shampoo-out temporary hair colour in black, as well as a long white kerchief that I’ve discovered can be serviceably fashioned into a rather convincing cravat.

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